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... fight for biodiversity: malt from all over the world, but with a regional focus and where it makes sense, in organic quality. Fruits, herbs, spices, nuts, Oak Aged - yes, naturalness requirement. Hop varieties sometimes far from the mass taste. Mixed fermentation with special yeast strains instead of always the same dry yeast.

... are performers, artists, beer lovers, sommeliers, friends, relatives. We don't stir our beer by hand, but we produce it in small quantities and at the highest level. Every now and then we stroke it too. We create works of art - on and in the bottle. ... are well-behaved: Addicted to harmony and creativity, we love balanced, perfectly brewed beers. Sometimes filigree, sometimes bold. Not filtered, not pasteurized. In one sentence: We brew with a species-appropriate attitude.

... brew our beer in two places, both of which have incredibly good water:

1. In our atelier in Vogelsberg, our home, we develop individual beers on a small scale up to 200 liters. With 5 small brewing facilities, a repertoire of 130 different types of malt and hops, as well as special yeast strains and exceptional ingredients, we can get down to business here in the most appropriate way.

2. In the Brauhaus Binkert, a privately run, artisanal but highly professional microbrewery, we brew the beers as so-called traveling brewers, whose high demand we can no longer trade in Romrod.

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